Our Blawggers

Wendy K. Akbar is the Editor-in-Chief of E-discovery Bytes and a senior associate in the firm's Phoenix office. Wendy devotes part of her litigation practice to counseling firm clients on the production of electronic documents and pre-litigation document retention. Wendy specializes in intellectual property litigation, handling a variety of patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and false advertising disputes. Wendy was clawed back into the Never-Never-Land of e-discovery several years ago because she learned too late -- much to her chagrin -- that a major side effect of working in the world of pharmaceutical drugs, semiconductor devices, biotechnology, medical devices, and computer systems, is lots and lots of e-paper. Second star to the right and outside the office, Wendy enjoys spending time with her husband, painting and sketching, playing tennis and reducing the most serious things in life to silly rhymes. For a copy of Wendy's firm bio, click here.


William "Bill" Hamilton is a partner in the Tampa office. Bill is a Board Certified in Commercial Litigation and Intellectual Property Law, and teaches electronic discovery at the University of Florida College of Law. Bill is the Founding Chair of the Advisory Board of the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists. Bill was initiated to foundation shaking tremors of e-discovery more than 10 years ago while defending class action consumer and antitrust claims. Since then he has been an avoid explorer of our new information ecosphere and its impact on litigation. Bill often writes and speaks on electronic discovery, punctuating his Socratic meanderings with occasional efforts to bring moments of hope and humor to the denizens of the too often anguished world of the data deluge. For a copy of Bill's bio, click here.


Steven Hunter is a partner in the firm's Chicago office. Steven has managed multiple large-scale ESI productions and uses that experience to help clients develop cost-effective solutions to digital age discovery management. Steven is a ACEDS certified electronic discovery specialist and (in addition to contributing to our blawg) writes a regular article on emerging trends in electronic discovery for a national magazine. Steven regularly (and unabashedly) uses his interest in cross-border data production disputes as an excuse for international leisure travel. For more on Steven, click here.



John Schaak is a senior associate in Quarles & Brady's Commercial Litigation group. In addition to managing electronic document reviews, John has spent his fair share of time reviewing and clicking documents, and then reviewing and clicking some more. During his time in the trenches, John came to thoroughly appreciate the value of a properly planned and efficient approach to discovery (including the effective use of keyword searching to narrow the data that will be reviewed, so as to reduce the cost to his clients and spare the spirit of the poor souls who will actually have to review that data). When he is not in the e-discovery trenches, John spends his time at home with his wife and three daughters (and maybe a little time on the golf course when no one is looking). Click here if you would like to see John's firm bio.




Joe Wilson is an associate in Quarles and Brady's Labor and Employment and Commercial Litigation practice groups.  He is frequently involved in e-discovery disputes, and has even caused a few himself.  Joe lives in Milwaukee with his wife and two daughters, and prides himself as the father of the Leapfrog savviest three year old around.  For a copy of Joe's firm bio, click here.





Chad Wiener is a senior associate in the firm's Corporate Services Group. He represents corporate clients in mergers and acquisition transactions, contractual matters, compliance with corporate governance requirements, and periodic reporting requirements. Chad and his wife live in the Milwaukee area with their fifteen month old son. For a copy of Chad's firm bio, click here.