Beach Reading from the SEC

The Enforcement Manual, or "Red Book," of the SEC (that's right: the SEC) was released to the general public this October and it is the perfect read if you're being investigated by the SEC or know someone who will be.  It contains simply a wealth of helpful information on what the SEC wants in terms of electronic production.  Although there are a number of relevant sections, two of the particularly helpful being sections, "Form of Production," and, "Format for Electronic Production of Documents to the SEC," both of which provide some guidance for those responding to an SEC subpoena. Now, in addition to the two standard responses to SEC subpoenas of (1) sending everything in every possible format, including scans of  napkins with humorously-shaped and possibly discoverable stains and (2) sending nothing and hoping no one notices, the subpoenaed have a third option: send materials in precisely the formats that the SEC wants.

For those of you anxious to sink your teeth into the delicious prose of the Security and Exchange Commission, the complete manual is available here. (You will be relieved to know that the most recent SEC offering is without the tacked on romantic subplot that made Additional Form 8-K Disclosure Requirements and Acceleration of Filing Date such a disappointment.)